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The Men of SKIN are a traveling male
entertainment group
Locally out of Kansas City Missouri.  
SKIN is a unique group of Male
Entertainers that bring's sexual arousal to
a whole new level whether it be the
EROTIC Male Revue show that mixes
male strip with hands on crowd
interaction to tease and entice  your
visual pleasure. To the male GoGo club
dancers with their themed & colorful
costumes that draw on your fantasy's of  
male erotica  from the rugged Hot
Cowboys, the quietly sexy nerd, to the
visually stunning variety of unique eye
popping costumes. Men of SKIN is a must
have for any event or club that you want
your guests to be entertained with a
variety o men who know how to entertain
and show your guests how to have a
good time. Some of our men have
worked with well known recording artists
like Pepper Mashay, Ryan W, Kaci
Battaglia and Porn stars such as Nick
Moretti, Trevor Knight. Men of SKIN have
been featured in Males in Motion a Blog
about male entertainers. a long with
some of our entertainers being well
known underwear models for Andrew
Christian underwear. So invite us to your
next event or make us your next event.
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The Glitch by Jessica Lewis is a
story of devotion, love, sex,  &
marriage. follow the story of a
woman and her life and struggle
with a husband that has a secret
life and the world that opens up
for them both.
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An up and coming new Gay Porn Star
Jack Andy has emerged on the scene and
has already made quite a mark.
SKIN has
had the pleasure of working with this fun
and talented man on a few occasions and
he has become our friend and we wish him
all the success in the world. Here is how
you can check out
Jack Andy.
Porn Star
Tank Top